Hundreds of sports cars line up at funeral for teen who died of cancer

"He just had an absolute love for big, shiny super cars."

A teen named Alec Ingram who died from bone cancer earlier this month got his final wish for sports cars to lead his funeral procession.

Alec died after a four-year fight with osteosarcoma. The 14-year-old's services were held Nov. 17, with hundreds of cars lining the streets to honor his memory.

"We miss him so much, but all the love really brings me some peace," his mother, Jen Ingram, of Washington, Missouri, told "Good Morning America."

Through her foundation, Sydney’s Soldiers Always, the Ingrams' family friend, Dana Manley, partnered with car groups to fulfill Alec's request.

Manley's daughter Sydney died in 2018 from cancer when she was 8 years old. Sydney liked motorcycles, and her final wish was for bikers to visit her procession.

Manley said Sydney's story inspired Alec to have sports cars at his funeral, because he loved them so much.

"He just had an absolute love for big, shiny super cars ... the McLaren, Lamborghinis -- he even had a wish day where he got to ride in a Lamborghini," Maley told "GMA."

"He was the happiest kid," she added. "He loved his family, he loved his friends, he loved Jesus, always smiling. Even through treatment, he had the best outlook on life. He was just a good kid."

Drone footage captured all of the exotic cars that showed at Alec's funeral.

The Ingrams are asking for donations to be made to St. Baldricks in Alec's memory.

“We want to thank our community, the car community, our church and everyone who has prayed for Alec and our family these past four years, and everyone who has shown us so much love since he passed," Jen Ingram said.