Watch this big brother cradle his sister in a newborn carrier

The boy's mom said the moment reassured her about having another child.

December 7, 2023, 11:29 AM

A 3-year-old boy from Tennessee is earning praise online as the sweetest big brother.

Carter, a toddler from the Nashville area, was captured on camera rocking his nearly 2-month-old sister to sleep in a newborn carrier.

In a video shared to Instagram, where it has over 1.7 million likes, Carter is seen rocking his sister, Dion, back and forth as he softly gives her kisses and cradles her head.

"My heart was so happy," the siblings' mom, Autumn Altamirano-Bailey, told "Good Morning America". "I'm an only child so seeing this moment and other moments with Carter and his siblings is truly the best."

PHOTO: Carter Bailey, 3, holds his newborn sister Dion.
Carter Bailey, 3, holds his newborn sister Dion.

The mom of three said that she relies on the newborn carrier often, so it made sense to her when Carter wanted to try it as well.

"He actually asked and said he wanted to try to hold the baby," Altamirano-Bailey said. "I baby-wore with Miles, my other son, [as a newborn] as well. He wanted to baby-wear Miles, and we tried, but Miles was too big and Carter was too small."

She continued, "So to finally be able to baby-wear his sister, he was so excited and happy."

Altamirano-Bailey added that seeing sweet moments like this one between Carter and his younger siblings make her happy as a mom of three kids, all ages 3 and under.

"In my experience and opinion, seeing these moments between my kids makes everything worth it," she said. "Seeing my boys care for their sister makes my heart explode, and again makes all the hard moments worth it."