Woman asked to 'cover up' while breastfeeding has perfect response

The woman's response has gone viral.

August 8, 2018, 7:49 AM

When a woman breastfeeding her baby was asked to "cover up," she did.

Just not in the way the requester had in mind.

Melanie Libson Dudley was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas having dinner at a restaurant on the beach, she told "Good Morning America."

The Austin, Texas, mom of three -- 4-year-old twin boys and 3-month-old -- was sweltering in the sun.

"It was 95 degrees, humid and my back was toward the restaurant, she said. "I was feeding my baby -- covered -- and it was extremely hot and sticky."

She continued, "I said to myself, 'forget this, I’m taking this thing off.' A man within our party said I needed to cover up because they did not want to see my exposed breast. I was speechless and told my husband to hand me my cover and I put it over my head as a sarcastic gesture."

A photo was posted on Facebook by her mother-in-law and then a friend. It's been shared almost 200K times.

Dudley said she thinks it's gone viral because "it’s a topic that resonates with a lot of women, and they’re just tired of [breastfeeding in public] being up for discussion."

August is National Breastfeeding Month, where the goal, according to the United State Breastfeeding Committee is to invite people "to join online actions and conversations to build support for the policy and practice changes needed to build a landscape of breastfeeding support."

Dudley said she hopes moms "keep doing what you believe is best for you and your baby. I believe the larger message is to support nursing mothers, whether they choose to cover or not."