Dunkaroos cereal is officially heading to stores near you

The iconic '90s snack will soon be ready to serve at your breakfast table.

Breakfast just got a lot more nostalgic thanks to Dunkaroos cereal.

Back in June, Dunkaroos, the ultimate treat for ‘90s kids from General Mills, made its highly anticipated return to shelves.

Originally debuted in 1992, the graham cookies came in five different shapes and flavors, along with an assortment of frosting to dunk to your heart's desire. Dunkaroos became a lunchbox and after-school staple for an entire generation.

Now, the iconic snack is evolving for the breakfast table.

General Mills announced the launch of 16 new cereals Tuesday, including one based on Dunkaroos.

"We’ve seen time and again that consumers- especially Millennial consumers- just love nostalgia, and that includes the ‘rebirth’ of their favorite snacks of the ‘90s that they enjoyed so much as kids. This appeal to nostalgia made creating a Dunkaroos cereal an easy and fun choice – Millennials can now enjoy one of the most nostalgic snacks, in cereal form," Hillary Balma, General Mills Senior Brand Manager, told "Good Morning America."

The back of the box will feature a "Then vs. Now" image gallery and a quiz of '90s slang.

"Packed with nostalgia in every spoonful, this cereal brings vanilla frosting flavored-cookie cereal together with sweet and crunchy rainbow sprinkles," General Mills wrote in a press release.

The cereal will be available this winter at grocery retailers nationwide.