From 'pegan' to oat milk, these are Pinterest’s top food trends for 2019

PHOTO: Pinterest released its top trends for 2019, including "pegan" dieting.Pinterest
Pinterest released it's top trends for 2019, including "pegan" dieting.

Food in the U.S. continues to trend towards diversity and sustainability -- whether it's the farm to table movement, composting or cooking dishes at home that boast impressive health benefits -- the future is sure to bring bountiful and healthy offerings to the table in 2019, according to Pinterest’s 2019 trend report.

For the fifth year in a row, Pinterest looked at consumer data to list the top 100 trends people are looking to try in the new year, tracking searches across all verticals from travel to style to food.

Check out the top trends for 2019

The mighty mushroom:

Nutrient-packed mushrooms are springing up everywhere from coffee drinks to chocolate bars.

Searches for mushroom recipes are up 64 percent.

Going “pegan”:

Part paleo, part vegan, the pegan diet is taking root with people on the hunt for healthy habits.

Searches for "eating pegan" have increased 337 percent, according to the social media site.

Amazing graze:

Family-style grazing tables, filled with plates of small bites, are a feast for the eyes, and an open invitation for everyone to dig in.

Pinterest found that searches for grazing tables have increased 163 percent.

Recipes you knead:

Bread baking is on the rise, especially when it comes to fermented loaves like sourdough.

Searches for baking bread are up 413 percent from last year, according to Pinterest.

Inspired infusions:

A slice of ginger makes the water go down, and adds digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits, too.

Ginger water searches were up 353 percent, according to Pinterest.

Pin the oxtail:

People are hungry for oxtail recipes they can try at home -- especially if they’re slow cooker-friendly.

Searches for oxtail recipes went up 209 percent, according to Pinterest.

Din tin tin:

Foil pack dinner recipes are perfect for busy cooks: Low-prep, low-mess, super flavorful.

Pinterest found that searches for foil pack dinners were up 759 percent.

Jam on it:

A toast to homemade jam, from raspberry to blackberry to whatever-you-got-berry.

Searches for homemade jam have shot up 829 percent.

Move over almond milk:

Everyone’s new favorite dairy-alternative, oat milk, is delicious and environmentally friendly. Vegan too!

Oatmilk searches increased by 186 percent.

Pass the chocho:

People won’t get bored of this versatile gourd. A superfood, chayote, also known as chocho, complements all kinds of cuisines.

The search is still growing but chayote recipes have steadily increased by 76 percent, according to Pinterest.