We tried out 2 popular baking kits: SoBakeable and FoodStirs

FoodStirs was co-founded by actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

— -- Baking kits are becoming a sweet new trend.

You supply the perishables like eggs, milk and butter, and they send you the rest of the ingredients to make things like cookies, cupcakes and even rainbow pancakes.

“We’re all looking for ways to simplify our lives. You know drive-throughs, one-stop stores. And these are sort of in that same vein,” Jo Saltz, editorial director of Delish.com, told “Good Morning America."

“GMA” checked out two baking kits: SoBakeable and Foodstirs. The kits cost $15 each and up, depending on how many you buy.

They can be ordered online to be delivered to your door, either as a single order or via subscription.

SoBakeable “is a little more high end and chic” of the bake kits, according to Saltz.

Families try out the kits

"GMA" arranged for different people to receive a kit from SoBakeable and Foodstirs and bake the sweets in their homes.

Dana Grant of New York City tried SoBakeable’s chocolate thumbprint cookies, which her husband thought were delicious.

Lara Bursor of New York City and her three daughters made the rainbow cake pop kit from Foodstirs.

“It was a fun activity,” Bursor said, “like a big arts and crafts project that was also then edible at the end of the day.”

Vanilla cupcake comparison

“GMA” had Saltz make vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting from both companies, without the extra toppings that came with each kit, along with homemade ones.

She said all the cupcakes turned out delicious and good in their own way. The Foodstirs cake was like a dense pound cake, it's made with yogurt, but her favorite overall was SoBakeable's.

When it came to price, the homemade cupcakes are much less expensive, but the bake kits do come with some extras.

SoBakeable’s has sprinkles and metallic cupcake liners. Foodstirs has vegan marshmallows and dye-free yellow sugar.

Customers are paying for special items like those, for shipping and for convenience, Saltz noted.

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