Gadgets and Gizmos for All Kinds of Dads

What kind of guy is your dad -- the handyman type or a thrill-seeking adventurer? "All of You" magazine has gift ideas to make any dad feel like a superman.

For Mr. Fix-It:


Fathers will love this new gadget for their car. CarMD uses the same basic technology that their mechanic's large, expensive scanner uses, but it costs much less. The CarMD tool and Web site can tell dads why their "CHECK ENGINE" light is on, the probable cause, probable fixes and estimated repair costs. CarMD gives dads the power to unlock their cars' secrets, and they'll never be at the mercy of a mechanic again. The Car MD retails at $90 and can be found at

Black & Decker Tape Measure With Laser Level Built In

This item is essential for all handy Dads. The Black & Decker 25-foot tape measure not only works as standard tape, but is also equipped with the Accu-Mark laser for quickly marking cut lines without reaching for a straight edge. The standard measuring tape is extremely durable, comes with a handy auto-lock, and features a 7-foot stand-out that keeps the tape straight midair to help measure vertical surfaces like siding and wall trim. The product costs $25 and can be found at

For Mr. Outdoors:

Zelco Compass Combo
Zelco's rugged LifeAid SPORT compass combo, with its easy grip rubber body, will be dad's personal survival aid whenever he is outdoors. The shrill whistle scares off animals and allows him to attract attention. The powerful dual-beam LED flashlight has an optional strobe feature to allow him to signal to others. The sealed compass and thermometer keep him updated on current conditions and position. Great for campers, hikers and hunters. The compass costs $29 and can be found at

Oregon Scientific Action Cam
Adventurous dads will love this light-weight, durable action camera that attaches to just about anything. It comes with all the mounting equipment dads could need and is waterproof up to 10 feet. With a 2 GB SD card dad can get about an 1½ hours of footage at its highest resolution. Dads can plug it directly into the television for instant replay or download footage to his computer (both Mac and PC compatible). The product costs $129.99. More information can be found at

Mr. Do-It-All:

Texas Irons Steak Brands
Texas Irons Steak Brands allow dad to sear his steaks with his initials so guests know who to compliment after the meal. The interchangeable steak brand includes a cedar box and Texas irons. The product starts at $30 and can be found at

Wildcharge Charging Pad
Dads will love this high-tech charging pad being offered exclusively online by the Wildcharge Company. The charging pad delivers up to 15 watts of power, enough to simultaneously charge and power three to five small devices such as cell phones and portable music players. The pad costs $59.99. More information can be found at

Diaper Dude
The Diaper Dude is the stylish yet functional diaper bag for dad and the perfect gift for Father's Day. With the Diaper Dude, dads can easily access the essentials: diapers, bottles, clothes, wipes and toys without taking off the bag. The Diaper Dude comes equipped with a checklist right on the hang tag for easy reference when dad is on the go with child. Diaper Dude is priced between $55 to $100 and is available at