Oprah's Favorite Holiday Gifts

Oprah shares some of her favorite gift ideas, all for under $100.

Dec. 4, 2008 — -- The December issue of "O" is filled with perfect presents, all for under $100. Readers can check out 63 well-priced gifts, including Oprah's 10 favorites.

They include great ideas for stocking stuffers, surprising steals and something for those who have it all. Although budgets are tight, you don't have to empty your wallet to find the perfect holiday gift. The most important thing is to put thought into it.

Cheap and Chic!

This is one of Oprah's all-time favorites. Heritage Makers believes one individual, one storybook, can make a big difference in the life of another person. You create your own story by uploading photos and writing captions for each. It's a great way to preserve memories and record your legacy, and the books are beautiful! Cost: $4 per page at heritagemakers.com. Bendominos

Think Dominos with a twist! Dominos are a tried-and-true classic, and this version requires a little more skill. With Bendominos, the pieces must match and fit. At the end of the game, a singular snaky pattern will emerge across the table. This is a perfect game to play with adults and kids, and a great way to bring family and friends together for some fun. Cost: $17 at Target. Zapi

This gift is a great gizmo for travelers. The Zapi is a toothbrush sanitizer. It's cute, handy, and comes in three great colors (green, blue and orange). The germ-killer looks great sink-side and is topple-proof. You just hit the button once a day to activate a UV light that destroys nearly 100 percent of bacteria. The battery operated device automatically shuts off in just seven minutes and holds manual or electric head toothbrushes.

Cost: $30 at violight.com.

These Ikea Skimmer candlesticks are a great gift for the entertainer. Give them to your favorite party host instead of a bottle of wine. They add instant elegance to the dinner table and do a great job of impersonating silver-lined mercury glass. The best part? Their price. Cost: $10-11 apiece at Ikea.

More of Oprah's Holiday Gift Ideas

This is another great gift for a hostess or chef in your family. The Vegetable Box contains 14 tiny cookbooks with 300 ways to make cooking and eating vegetables interesting. The presentation is great. Oprah loves the presentation. It's shaped like a mini-produce crate, and each book corresponds to two vegetables -- for instance, "Carrots and Leeks" or "Corn and Tomatoes." The author, Keda Black, is a French home cook and food writer. She was born in Zambia and is of thoroughly mixed Scottish, Bourguignon, Spanish and Italian descent. Cost: $35 on amazon.com. Chalk Candles

Oprah loves personalized gifts. These chalk candles are a great example of that and are great for a party. You can use them as place cards and write each guest's name on the candle. The guest can take the candle home as a party favor. Colored chalk comes with Persian fig and Belgian berry fragrances, and is made of 100 percent clean burning soy wax in a reusable ceramic pot. Cost: $24 each at minedesigncandles.com. De-Ice Glove

The Eddie Bauer scraper mitt is a great present for the person who has it all. On those brutally frigid mornings, this combination glove and scraper defrosts hands while cleaning the windshield. It is filled with goose down and comes in five different colors. These would make a perfect stocking stuffer for Dad. Cost: $15 each at eddiebauer.com Sephora Ultimate Blockbuster Palette

Who doesn't love makeup? With this makeup kit, you're getting bang for your buck. This one gift includes 159 new additions to your makeup repertoire. It's smaller than most laptops, but it folds out. The all-in-one compact includes eyeshadows, lip glosses, blushes, makeup pushes, eyeliner, and lip liners. Give the gift that's fun and pretty. Cost: $48 at Sephora. Courtesy of Gayle King, editor at large, O magazine.