Good Housekeeping's 2010 VIP Winners

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute tests thousands of products each year to find the ones that will improve your life in big ways and small ones. Carolyn Forte, who heads the institute's home appliances division, shared some of the most useful innovative 2010 products with "Good Morning America." They earned the institute's VIP designation as Very Important Products.

You can see the full list of 2010 VIP Award winners in the February issue of Good Housekeeping.

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Good Housekeeping

Nikon Coolpix s1000pj Camera


When your friends are clamoring to see the pictures you just shot, it can be a bother for everyone to huddle around a small camera screen or wait to upload the photos to a computer.

Forte says the Nikon s1000pj is the first point-and-shoot camera with a built-in projector that is capable of casting images that measure up to 40 inches diagonally on any flat surface. The photos can be displayed individually or in a slideshow.

Features like 12.1 megapixels, 5x wide-angle zoom, and image stabilization help capture clear photos worthy of enlargement.

Good Housekeeping

Travel Chair and Cocoon Bunk Sack with Insect Shield

Price: $60 (chair) and $30 (bunk sack);

Whether you're camping in the wilderness or sitting on the sidelines of your child's soccer game, Forte says you'll want this portable chair.

There's an insect repellent from Insect Shield (CLICK HERE for more info) embedded into the fabric keeps biting bugs from ruining your good time.

It's also EPA-registered and safe for children and pregnant women to use.

The bunk sack has been similarly treated, and can be used by itself or as a sleeping bag cover for a no-itch night under the stars.

Good Housekeeping's Very Important Products

Good Housekeeping

Perfect Flush from Brondell

Price: $79:

This simple system is the first to turn nearly any toilet into a water-saving dual-flush unit, for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Forte says it will also slash up to $100 per year off your water bill.

Installation takes 30 minutes or less, with a two-sided button that sits atop the tank or can be mounted to the side with double-stick tape.

Press one side for a small flush, the other for a full flush (or any of 10 increments you can set).

Good Housekeeping

Flexible Grilling Skewer from Fire Wire

Price: $15 for two:

This 27-inch wire skewer makes cooking up kabobs virtually hassle-free.

Meat and veggies slide right on, and the whole thing coils to fit easily into a bowl or resealable bag for marinating.

Once the grill's going, the skewer can be arranged around other foods, so there's no need to move burgers in order to make room for long, straight sticks.

Good Housekeeping's Very Important Products

Good Housekeeping

2-in-1 Oven Rack and Grill Cleaner from Carbona

Price: $8:

Enjoy grilling? The work is not over when the meal is. Grimy oven racks are a pain to wash, and, after a season of barbecues, grill grates can be even worse.

This simple kit from Carbona lets you ditch the scrub brush and soak away the burned-on crud. The oversize plastic bag holds two racks or grates. You put them in, pour in the cleaner, and let sit overnight.

Any residue that hasn't dissolved by that point can be sloughed right off with a scrubby sponge.

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