In the Spotlight: McGraw on Family and the Love of His Life

The country star describes his growth as a man, and shares his emotional side.

ByABC News via logo
October 29, 2009, 2:34 PM

Nov. 11, 2009— -- Tim McGraw may be a country music megastar, but he says he is still adjusting to all the fanfare and he remembers the days when his life was simpler.

"Personally, I feel like I'm just starting to learn how to do this, you know," McGraw said. "You reach a point where you feel like … you're young enough to still go out and sort of rock the world ... but you're old enough to know how to do it right."

And he's proven that he's got the right stuff, as he showed when he and his band, the Dancehall Doctors, rocked the stage at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field for the NFL's Kickoff concert Sept. 10.

McGraw showed his star power playing for an overflow crowd of 50,000 NFL fans at the defending Super Bowl champion Steelers' home field and millions of television viewers.

While McGraw seems to be at home on any stage, he said Bear Creek, his sprawling Tennessee estate, is where he's most at peace.

McGraw invited Robin Roberts and ABC News' cameras on a tour of his family's 900-acre private retreat, where he, his wife, platinum-selling country music sensation Faith Hill, and their three daughters find a refuge for family moments and heartfelt memories.

"My favorite bird dog [was] named Fleetwood. His name [was] Fleetwood Mac we called him," McGraw said as he showed Roberts the dog's grave.

On McGraw's farm, Roberts had her first lesson in skeet shooting, a version of competitive shotgun shooting at targets. Then, the two saddled horses for the full cowboy experience.

But for McGraw, really it's all about the song.

McGraw's name has been synonymous with hits. In his multiplatinum career, he has charted 30 No. 1 singles, and sold more than 40 million albums. His latest, "Southern Voice" hit the charts at No. 1. He's won three Grammys, 10 American Music Awards, 11 Country Music Awards and the list goes on.

At his 200-year-old log cabin, McGraw talked about another award few people know about. This one was for his fragrance, "McGraw."

The scent is described as modern spicy with a hint of aged whiskey.

"That's me in a nutshell, right there," McGraw said.

The country star's name has reached even further, appearing on a children's book he wrote and a signature brand of Fritos. In recent years, he's also gone from lead singer to leading man at the box office.

Tim McGraw on Meeting His Mate, Faith Hill

With several films under his belt, he's taking on a starring role opposite Sandra Bullock in the upcoming movie, "The Blind Side."

But he said he's not contemplating a full-time movie career.

"I'll never give up my day job because it pays a lot more than movies," McGraw said. "And ... I've got three daughters. And that ... that can get expensive."

McGraw attributes his personal achievements to his music career as well.

"Anything I've gotten good in my life, music has brought me... my family, my wife," he said. "I wouldn't have met my wife if it hadn't been for music."

Hill met McGraw 13 years ago, when she was the opening act on his tour. He said he doesn't know how it came to be that she would open for him.

"I'm sure I had it planned somewhere … along the lines. ... I'm starting to get nervous now," he said.

But he's always been sure of how he feels about Hill.

"I thought that ... 'she's way out of my league,'" McGraw said. I still think she's way out of my league. Somebody that's ... that was sort of untouchable for me. To me, she's the most beautiful girl in the world. She's just ... she's a great lady."