12-year-old sings moving song about being young African American following George Floyd's death

“I just want to live. God protect me,” sings gospel artist Keedron Bryant.

12-year-old sings moving song about being young African American following George Floyd's death
Johnnetta Bryant/Instagram
May 28, 2020, 10:40 PM

He's only 12, but gospel artist Keedron Bryant is earning the praise of some big names with a moving tribute to George Floyd.

Bryant shared a heartfelt song about living life as a young black man in America following the tragic death of Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Bryant, who was featured on season 4 of NBC's reality talent competition "Little Big Shots," said he posted a video of himself singing on his Instagram page to describe his reality.

"I'm a young black man, doin' all that I can to stand," sings Bryant in the video. "Oh, but when I look around and I see what's being done to my kind every day, I'm being hunted as prey."

Bryant's mom, Johnnetta Bryant, said she wrote the lyrics to the song in light of recent events surrounding the black community.

"It's impossible to ignore what we as black people are up against, daily," Bryant's mom told "Good Morning America" via email.

Protests continue to erupt in Minneapolis and in cities across the nation after the death of Floyd, a black man who was seen pinned down by a white police officer in a video that spread across the internet. Floyd's death has sparked outrage and protesters are demanding justice.

"My people don't want no trouble; we've had enough struggle. I just wanna live," sings Bryant.

Bryant's moving video has gone viral in the wake of Floyd's death. The young singer from Jacksonville, Florida, is receiving praise from big-name celebrities, including iconic singer Janet Jackson, legendary rapper Nas, NBA star LeBron James and actress Eva Longoria, who all shared the video on their own Instagram pages.

"@keedronbryant is dope," wrote Nas on his Instagram account.

"I LOVE YOU KID! I LOVE US!" wrote LeBron James in his repost of Bryant singing.

"Please God protect him. And please, lead us out of these troubled waters," wrote Eva Longoria on her Instagram page.

Bryant's video has received over 1.4 million views on Instagram and the numbers continue to grow.

"Just singing what's on my heart...hope this blesses someone," wrote Bryant on his Instagram post.

In the wake of Floyd's death, Bryant sings simply: "I just want to live; I just want to live."

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