These cupcakes are actually made of soap

Soap Cherie in Brooklyn, New York, has a line of soap that look like dessert.

Their bakery line features soap in the shape of slices of cake and cupcakes.

The flavors include raspberry, blueberry, chocolate, ice cream, strawberry and raspberry.

The company also makes a mini-unicorn cupcake, complete with a horn and ears.

While the products look deliciously edible, they are actually made for your skin.

"Soap Cherie is a natural bath-and-body line," company founder Jennifer Kashman told "Good Morning America."

"We stray away from parabens and SLS," she added, referring to sodium laurel sulfate.

All of Soap Cherie's soaps are handmade and curated at their factory in Brooklyn.

Employees use cold-process soap by mixing oils with a lye solution that "allows you to have a solid bar of soap that’s made from pure oils," she said.

Kashman said she started making soap when she began to have skin problems.

"I've been making soaps for a really long time now, but Soap Cherie came about because I developed eczema about 10 years ago, and I became obsessed with looking for natural ingredients that I could use to maintain my skin condition," she said.

Kashman said that making the cupcake soaps is similar to baking. She said they even use silicon cupcake molds to get the cupcake shape.

The soaps' all-natural ingredients include mango butter, grape seed oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

The coloring in the soap comes from mica, which is all natural, and biodegradable glitter.

Kashman said their products are great for a variety of people because they "make them with minimal ingredients and cater to dry and sensitive skin."

Soap Cherie doesn't just sell soap. They also offer candles, lotions, scrubs, bath bombs and much more online and at their store.