Twitter user solves age old missing sock in washing machine mystery

The tweet of a washing machine with a stockpile of missing socks went viral.

April 26, 2018, 9:10 AM

It's the never-ending game of hide-and-go-seek that everyone seems to lose -- socks vs. laundry!

You throw a pair of socks into the wash only to find just one sock when it's time to flip the load.

But one woman seems to have found the secret space where all those socks disappear.

Sarah Rose posted a photo on Twitter of Cathy Hinz's washing machine with a pile of socks pouring out of a hidden compartment underneath.

The revelation caused people to immediately respond to the incredible discovery.

"Soooo I no longer feel like a crazy person," Rose's caption said.

In this undated stock photo, a woman unloading a washing machine.
STOCK PHOTO/Getty Images

Hinz first posted about her husband's discovery, complete with photos, on Bored Panda last year. She said in the post that they found "socks, underwear, a credit card and that is just what was in the bottom of the machine."

Hinz and her husband, who are property managers at a manufactured home park, have worked on many laundry rooms, but said this discovery was a first.

Hinz's husband first made the discovery when he took a panel off the front of the machine and discovered misplaced articles of clothing clogged inside.

As of Thursday morning, the image has garnered more than 74,000 likes on Twitter and been retweeted nearly 30,000 times.

Experts told "Good Morning America" that this can be a problem with older washing machines but newer models leave little space for things to fall through the cracks.