Wedding caterer delivers in more than one way on couples' big day

"He delivered," the groom said.

One caterer is getting glowing reviews for saving a couple's big day. But the thing he delivered wasn't originally on the menu.

Kelsey and Andy Schneck found themselves without an officiant less than 24 hours before their nuptials. Their officiant had fallen at the rehearsal and broke a bone.

The couple's catering manager and event coordinator from City Barbeque happened to be delivering food for the rehearsal when he heard the problem and whipped up a solution.

"I could see that she was really upset when we were talking," Manny Morales said of Schneck. "I was thinking in the back of my head, I can do this. I'm an officiant."

Kelsey Schneck didn't believe him at first. "I thought he was joking," she said.

She then asked him if he could be there at 4 p.m. the next day and Morales said yes "without hesitating."

"I said, 'I hope Manny can deliver' and everyone started laughing," Andy Schneck said. "My best man said, 'We all know he can deliver.'"

The original officiant had written out the full ceremony so Morales told "GMA" he only added a few of his own fun quips.

"He delivered," the groom said. "In both ways," Kelsey Schneck chimed in.

She added, "He saved our day kind of in every way possible."

Morales, who was supposed to work the day of the wedding, said he was happy to step in and help.

"I feel that if you can help somebody you should and I knew I could so I did," he said.

The three said they have become good friends and the newlyweds said he's like part of the family.