Cleveland Mayor Heads Into GMA Makeover Mobile

For the latest edition of Good Morning America's Monday Morning Makeover, a team of makeover experts from Glamour magazine swept into Cleveland, and whisked Mayor Jane Campbell into the "makeover mobile."

The makeover crew set up shop by parking its makeover mobile right in the thick of the city's hustle and bustle, at a public square in front of Terminal Tower. Campbell was one of three women chosen for the makeover.

Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive fashion director of Glamour Magazine, led the makeovers. The focus: Creating a fall office look.

Each of the lucky ladies chosen for makeovers was taken into the mobile, filled with racks of clothes in all possible sizes, so that a team of Glamour experts could help them create a new look from head to toe.

Meanwhile, Yalof Schwartz says women should take note of the following fall clothing trends below.

Knee-length skirts Anything that has a tweed feel A "lady look," that is more feminine. The essential "fall uniform" features slim pencil skirts with little sweaters and high heels. The suit has made an office comeback. For fall colors, reach for browns and neutrals or browns and camels, mixed with pastels and winter white.