'Your Three Words' Song of the Week: 'The Calculation' by Regina Spektor

This week's "Your Three Words" features "The Calculation" by Regina Spektor.

Spektor is a Russian-born, Bronx-raised, piano-playing songstress known for her untraditional vocals and narrative song writing.

Whether it's clicking her tongue to form a drum beat on her song "eet" or hitting her piano with a drum stick on her track "Poor Little Rich Boy," Spektor has created an innovative personal style to the delight of her fans since emerging from New York's Lower East Side cafe circuit with her 2001 debut album, "11:11."


She's gone on to add four more albums to her credit including 2009's "Far," which includes this week's theme.

Also, look out for a special three words from Woody and Buzz of "Toy Story 3" -- a film released June 18 through Disney, the parent company of ABC News.