The Savings Mom Answers Your Questions

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June 6, 2005, 1:27 PM

June 7, 2005 — -- This week, the Savings Mom answers questions from readers.

Question: Do you know where to find coupons for baby formula? -- Amy Kline, Bensalem, Pa.

Savings Mom: Yes, there are many good sources of coupons for baby formula and many other common baby products like diapers, baby food and baby utensils. Because most parents are very brand-specific regarding baby products that work for their child, you may need to look harder to find more coupon sources of the specific brands you need.

Your first coupon source is the Sunday grocery coupon circular from the newspaper. They frequently have coupons for diapers, baby food, baby dishes and utensils, and various brands of baby formula. You can also ask your pediatrician's office if they have baby product coupons or samples available.

Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to manufacturers via their Web site praising their products and requesting coupons (be sure to include your address in your e-mail). You can also call the 800 number on products' packages to request coupons. Search for the Web sites of your preferred manufacturers, and sign up for any special clubs or e-mail newsletters. In most cases, you will be sent coupons and/or special money saving offers. Finally, be sure to sign up for the baby clubs of local grocery stores, as they can be a great source for baby product coupons.

Question: Do you know how to get printable grocery coupons without having to go through a long registration process? -- Kathy, Corpus Christi, Texas

Savings Mom: Yes, the best grocery coupon Web sites actually require very little information in order to take advantage of their printable coupons. Although their sign-up form may have several questions, you do not always have to fill in all of the information fields. You can simply answer the questions that are noted as "required fields."