The Savings Mom Answers Your Questions

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June 21, 2005, 11:11 AM

June 21, 2005 — -- This week, the Savings Mom answers questions from viewers.

Question: I have been cutting and collecting the "proof of purchase" labels from numerous products for years. What do I do with them? Are there Web sites that can help? -- Jean Goodlife; Kenai, Alaska

Savings Mom: There are many ways you can use proof of purchase seals to get free merchandise and even cash refunds. However, your best bet would be to search for promotional offers for the products you buy first, then collect the proof of purchase seals you need.

There are literally hundreds of offers available. You can find them by looking in the Sunday grocery coupon circular for rebate and promotion forms, check to see if your grocery store or drugstore has a bulletin board with available promotion forms, and visit the Web sites of the products you buy. Subscribe to their e-mail newsletters to receive information about current rebate and refund promotions, sweepstakes and free coupons.

For example, a current sweepstakes offer called "Magic by the Millions" on the Keebler Web site rewards sweepstakes instant winners with a free coupon for Keebler cookies, while supplies last, worth $3.49. Find details here:

Another promotion on Gorton's Web site rewards participants with a certificate for a free personal training session or a sports lesson (worth $55) with the purchase of three Gorton's products. Shoppers send the three proof of purchase seals and the completed promotion form to Gorton's to receive their certificate. Printable forms are available here: