Figure Out Your Shape for a New Year's Makeover

Britain's fashion duo Trinny and Susannah give 3 women new looks for New Year's.

Dec. 28, 2007 — -- Britain's fashion dynamic duo Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine traveled across the pond and into the mall to surprise three lucky women with the makeover of a lifetime.

They say it's not about fashion or fancy trends, but about embracing what you already have. Most importantly, dress to flatter your figure.

"It's about looking at how someone dresses now and about re-proportioning a woman's body. So you don't have to do it with plastic surgery. You don't have to do it with diet. You don't have to do it with exercise. You can do it by wearing the right clothes," says Constantine.

They break women's figures down to 12 different types: pear, cello, column or vase, to name a few. By trying to find the perfect pieces to highlight each woman's best features Woodall and Constantine can make the negatives disappear.

"It's not just about clothes because by changing how someone looks and changing their perception of themselves, you can change their perspective inside," explains Woodall.

Jenny's style was too masculine before, but Woodall and Constantine helped her find her waist.

Stacy's clothes were making her legs look shorter.

After having a baby, Dorada was stuck in a "mom jeans" rut.

You can find more tips for forgetting your size, discovering your shape and transforming yourself in Trinny and Susannah's new book, "The Body Shape Bible."