Five Super Foods to Lower Your Cholesterol

Find out which foods will help keep your cholesterol in check.

Dec. 9, 2008 — -- "Good Morning America" medical editor Dr. Marie Savard tells you the five super foods you can eat to dramatically lower your cholesterol -- by as much as 30 percent. Check out what they are below and see her advice on lowering your cholesterol.

A Handful of Nuts Each Day

They're also full of fiber and anti-oxidants that fight cancer. You should eat a handful of nuts a day. And don't worry about your waistline. Studies show nuts actually help shrink your waistline; they have a good kind of fat.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Take Fiber Supplements

Replace Some Meat With Soy

Eat Plant Stanol Spreads

So, instead of butter, use Benecol, Puritan or another plant stanol spread. And you should use about four grams a day.

All or Nothing?

This is like using food as medicine. So, the higher the dose, or the more of these foods you eat, the more you can knock down your cholesterol level. And if you really change your diet, you can get your cholesterol down as much as you would with that pill or that statin.