Children's Web Sites Can Lead to Adult Content

Some kid-friendly Web sites may be opening doors to other content.

ByABC News via logo
December 6, 2009, 7:59 PM

Dec. 7, 2009— -- Kids are more and more Web-savvy these days. They play games, work on their vocabulary and do math exercises -- all online. But some of those kid-friendly Web sites they go to may be opening doors to other content parents don't want them to see.

Parents might think Nickelodeon's Web site is worry-free.

Robin Stoehr never thought twice about her kids, 8 and 11, using it until she saw games like Naughty Baby-Sitter and Spank the Monkey.

"I wouldn't have imagined that they could get in there so quickly and easily and see things that they shouldn't be seeing," Stoehr said.

By clicking "more" on's Games site, her kids could tap into racy and even violent adult-themed games. And while those Games are hosted on a different Web site, the Nickelodeon logo was still on top.

How is this happening? links to, another site the company owns.

There is notification on the to signal when a user is leaving for, Nickelodeon told ABC News said in a statement. (CLICK HERE to read the full statement)

Nickelodeon says it is constantly reviewing its policies and hired Internet safety lawyer Parry Aftab, executive director of

Aftab has been closely watching a proliferation of sites she says are blurring the lines between child and adult content.

"You're seeing cartoons, you're seeing what looks kid-friendly," Aftab said. "But underneath it all it may not be."

She took us to a site called and set out to chat. And within minutes the game was asking Aftab to engage in kissing.