Meet the Royal Wedding Party Planner

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March 07, 2011, 12:42 PM

March 7, 2011— -- Lady Elizabeth Anson, the queen's cousin, has been commissioned by Kate Middleton and Prince William to help plan the royal wedding reception at Buckingham Palace April 29.

As the founder of the London-based events company Party Planners, Lady Elizabeth's resume includes an impressive list of clientele including former President Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, Mick Jagger, Sting, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, fashion designer Valentino and, of course, members of the royal family.

"She is known for her discretion and known to pull off one heck of a party in royal style," says Katie Nicholl, author of "The Making of a Royal Romance."

The Party Planners website features a full list of services that it offers, including "catering, marquees, lighting and decor, entertainment, bands and discotheques, champagne and wine, florists, photography and video, security, co-ordination and attendance, cakes, hair and make-up."

Lady Elizabeth was responsible for organizing the Queen's 80th birthday party at the Ritz hotel in London in 2006. After the success of the party, it is believed that the queen called upon her cousin to help plan the lunch she will host for the newly married couple.

Lady Elizabeth Gets the Nod

She has also worked on previous royal weddings, planning a party for Prince Charles and Diana's wedding guests in 1981, and a reception for the Duke and Dutchess of York in 1986. Both were hosted at Claridges.

More recently, Lady Elizabeth arranged flowers for Prince Charles' nuptials to the Duchess of Cornwall, "which is being used very much as a blueprint for this year's royal wedding," Nicholl says.

The lunch-time reception at Buckingham Palace is expected to be a lavish affair, and will host about 600 guests including members of the royal family, members of foreign royal families, international heads of state and such celebrities as David and Victoria Beckham, and singer Sir Elton John.

Prince Charles will finish off the night by hosting a dinner for 300 of the couple's closest family and friends.

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