Sacred Dynamite

Jeff Brown delivers this week's inspiration on the Spirituality page.

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January 22, 2010, 4:16 AM

Jan. 22, 2010 — -- I have never been one who believed that human births are accidents, or that we are little more than random concentrations of stardust. I believe we are all here with a divine purpose at the heart of our birth. As we deal with the challenges, pressures and distractions of daily life, it is all too easy to lose sight of this purpose and become spiritually unimaginative, momentarily forgetting that there is a well spring of magnificence laying in wait within us. This week, I invite you to remember.

My divine purpose first appeared like a distant flute, hints and whispers of something deeper that called to me in the night. And then it became clearer, a little voice that whispered sweet somethings in my inner ear whenever I dared to walk a false path.

I heard it when I was planning to open a law practice, involved in an unhealthy relationship, sitting in traffic on the way to work: "No, not that way Jeffrey, walk this way." Although it challenged my seeming stability, the voice had an odd sense of authority to it, as though it carried the blueprint for a karmic destiny I had long forgotten. The little voice that knows...

I somehow trusted this voice and followed it home, embarking on an intense spiritual journey through challenging emotional and economic terrain. Fifteen years later, with trial law long behind me, I found myself in the back room of my house writing a book I was destined to write. As I wrote, my soul's voice rose to the rafters of consciousness and I learned that who I had previously identified as Jeff was only a small part of my story. Below my misidentifications was an essential self, bridged to deeper callings and eternal rhythms. The voice was right. I had found my way to true-path, my in-power point, my place of purpose and meaning.

At the heart of every human birth is such a place. In my book "Soulshaping," I use the term "soul-scriptures" to describe the callings, lessons and archetypal pathways that live at the heart of our transformation. By excavating and honoring these scriptures, we expand our souls one step closer to the Godself.

Although the ultimate romance is with our own soul, it is our experiences together that give birth to the essential lessons. We join together in a dance of sacred imagination, stepping on each other's toes and turning each other toward God one clumsy step after another. If one of us steps off the dance floor, we postpone others' lessons too.

This week I ask you to believe that you are needed for what you bring and to never lose faith in your brilliance, whatever the world sends your way. Although it is all too easy to forget, the Divine Mother continues to breathe you because you are essential here. She would take you back in a soul-beat if you had no role here. Our divine purpose may be hidden from view, it may be covered in dust, but it's still in there, sparkling with infinite possibility, waiting in the wings for its opportunity to be "humanifest."

We may have to work hard to bring it to light, but we must never give up on our profound nature. Below the surface, we are all sacred dynamite, waiting for that just right spark to ignite our divine purpose. Once ignited, we explode into a realm of unlimited possibility. What seemed profound before, becomes just the tip of the iceberg. When you are ready, look inside and your magnificence will rise to the surface on the wings of the inner dove. I tell you, it's that close.

A former criminal lawyer and psychotherapist, Jeff Brown is the author of "Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation," recently published by North Atlantic Books. Endorsed by authors Elizabeth Lesser and Ram Dass, "Soulshaping" is Brown's autobiography -- an inner travelogue of his journey from archetypal male warrior to a more surrendered path. You can connect with his work at"