Beyonce's makeup artist, Sir John, reveals his best makeup tricks

Sir John breaks down some of his best beauty tips.

April 30, 2019, 4:01 AM

Beyoncé is arguably one of the best entertainers of our time, and when she performs, she's usually all glammed up with a fierce makeup look that leaves us with our jaws dropped.

Many of the "Flawless" singer's makeup looks can be credited to her longtime go-to makeup maestro: Sir John.

Sir John has created everything from shimmery eyeshadow to neutral-toned sunkissed looks for Queen Bey, and he also has an A+ roster of others he's worked with such as Kim Kardashian, Joan Smalls and Ashley Benson.

As if that wasn't enough, he also is a consulting celebrity makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris, and a mentor on the "American Beauty Star" television show.

To say the least, Sir John is a thought leader in the makeup industry and when "Good Morning America" was given the opportunity to get the inside scoop on some of Sir John's tips and tricks, there was no hesitation.

Luckily, the makeup guru had lots of practical advice to share and we are spreading the wealth.

Ahead, read and take note from these five tips, tricks and amazing gems that Sir John so graciously dropped.

Tip #1: When in doubt, go for a doe foot shaped applicator

Sir John advises that using a lip applicator with doe foot shaped will give your lipstick great shape and precision. He uses this type of applicator to easily create a cross at the cupid's bow that won't bleed color outside of the liplines.

"It's really great for getting the corners and edges of the mouth," he said. "When it comes to a lip that's going to stay on for eight hours, I want precision when I'm applying, so this works for me."

Tip #2: Use your eyeliner cheat sheet

Lining the rims of your eyes takes practice, but one simple technique is to gently switch up the positioning of your head.

"Lean your head back almost like you are looking up your nose," says Sir John. "That's the most flat your eyes are ever going to be."

He also suggests trying a deep brown eyeliner as opposed to a black one as its a more approachable look that's less aggressive. "It's like a demi-cup [bra], it's softer."

Tip #3: Avoid using shimmery products in the middle of the face

"Despite what YouTube tells you, you want to be strategic with your glowy products," Sir John advises. His trusted rule of thumb: if you are using any illuminating face products, always stop at the near the eyes as it can make you look sweaty as opposed to radiant. Keep everything shimmery on the sides on your face.

Tip #4: Stop putting highlighter on the tip of your nose

When it comes to highlighter down the bridge of the nose, Sir John has thoughts: "Between the eyes, it's really flattering, but on the tip of the nose you like a porn star," he jokes. He says its best to keep it subtle for a more flattering look.

Tip #5: Sculpt cheeks with a matte bronzer

When it comes to contouring, Sir John is a huge fan of matte bronzers. "It allows you to build up the graduation of color," he says.

Sir John suggests that the deep matte texture really allows you to sculpt cheeks as well as the sockets of the eyes for greater dimension.