Demi Lovato says she's 'definitely not' wearing a white dress at her wedding

She's clear on what color she won't be wearing down the aisle.

Wedding bells are ringing for Demi Lovato, who announced her engagement to fiance Max Ehrich in July.

In a new interview with Pop Crush, the "OK Not To Be OK" singer revealed that she is breaking from tradition for her big day.

"I have my image for what I would want it to [look like] if I got to do a big celebration," Lovato teased in the Monday interview. "I don't wanna give it away but it's definitely not a white dress."

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 28-year-old singer acknowledged that things can change at a second's notice. Not only that, she doesn't want her carefully planned wedding to be spoiled by the paparazzi -- something that almost happened to Bindi Iriwin.

"On one hand, I would love to elope because my life is so public and I want to keep it sacred between me and him," said Lovato. "On the other hand, I want my friends and family to be there for a celebration."

Plus, there's the pandemic, "I can't do [a big wedding] until the pandemic's over 'cause it's not safe," she said.

That's left her and Ehrich weighing their options, as Lovato admitted, "It's like, do we do that [elope] in the meantime and do that [a big wedding ceremony] later? It's all this planning."