Jennifer Lopez unveils her new fragrance, Promise

This is truly a milestone year for J.Lo, and she's making the most of it.

She posted a photo Thursday on Instagram with the caption: "Today was SOOOO special!!! Big announcement and my own beautiful pop-up shop for my new fragrance, PROMISE!!!"

During her surprise NYC pop-up launch event, Lopez said she credits Warren Buffet as being one of her inspirations.

"He told me something that resonated with me," she said.

She went on, "He said a brand is a promise. And I just feel like everything that I put out into the world has to be a promise. We have to have promises with ourselves. It’s really the foundation that keeps us going. It really made me think about life in a bigger way."

Key fragrance notes include Italian tangerine, dewy honeysuckle and crystallized amber.

The fragrance comes in three sizes with the smallest bottle available for $45.

"I just thought it was a perfect time in my life to name a fragrance Promise because every time that we create something new, it's a promise to give you something of quality, something better, something that will make you feel sexy, something that will make you feel beautiful," Lopez said at the pop-up shop.

"I also want to remind people to keep your promises to yourself," she continued.

The new Promise fragrance will add to Lopez's previous popular franchise of perfumes such as Glow and Live and it is officially available online at Ulta. The perfume is also slated to roll out in stores on Sept. 28.

From jaw-dropping Versace runway moments to the Super Bowl, J.Lo is making this a true milestone year for the books.