Jennifer Nettles makes powerful statement on gender equality with CMA Awards ensemble

Jennifer Nettles' ensemble made a statement at the CMA Awards.

Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles made a statement at the 53rd Annual Country Music Association Awards in a head-turning ensemble.

The Grammy Award-winning singer, 45, donned a bold pantsuit featuring a pink train bearing a message about equality.

The back of the pink train read "Equal Pay" and features a portrait of a woman with the Venus symbol near her face. The same Venus symbol is also stitched into the left leg of her pantsuit.

When Nettles opened the train the phrases, "Play our f---ing records,” and, "please & thank you” were visible.

Nettles will take part in the opening performance, which features powerful female artists from within the country music industry. She shared on Instagram that she is "so honored" to be participating.

Much of the 2019 CMA Awards will focus on honoring impressive female artists.

Stars have used their platforms in recent months to raise awareness to the lack of representation and gender disparity in country music.

The 53rd CMA Awards will be broadcast live on Wednesday beginning at 8 ET on ABC.