Miz Cracker is the feminist drag queen women need

The "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 10 contestant opens up about feminism.

"Shabbat Shablam!" is the catch phrase of "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 10 fan fave, Miz Cracker.

"Everyone would come up to me on Fridays and be, like, 'Shabbat Shalom, Cracker,' because I'm Jewish and I'm, like, 'Shabbat Shablam,'" Cracker told "Good Morning America."

Being Jewish is a huge part of Miz Cracker's drag motivations.

"As a queer Jewish kid, I wish there had been someone for me to look up to that I could see myself in who was talking proudly about being a Jew," said Cracker.

That's why the tradition of New York City DragCon is an important one for the "Drag Race" alum. It's a safe space where fans of drag can unite and bond over their love of the art form.

"What's great about DragCon is that a lot of kids who love drag are too young to see it in the bars," explained Cracker.

This queen puts the Miz in Cracker. She considers herself a feminist with a predominately female fanbase.

"When I look out at my line, [it's] mother, daughter, mother, daughter," Cracker laughed. "I think Cracker is all about liking yourself for who you are and I think that message comes across to moms who are, like, 'I hope my daughter feels like this.'"

It takes a village to get ready for DragCon, but for Miz Cracker, the future of drag is female. She has an all-woman team helping her prep for the big event.

"One of the things that I love about my drag world is that it is run by women," Cracker told "GMA." "My manager is a woman, my assistant is a woman, my DragCon booth is going to be staffed almost entirely by women. It's just, like, lady power!"

Girls run the world for this drag superstar. Cracker says that it's in large part to pay homage for the contributions women have made to drag.

"It's so funny to think about what drag means to women," said Cracker. "Women have been part of creating drag from the very beginning as well. Mae West was one of the first women to bring drag to Broadway. Without her, drag would still be in the shadows."

As RuPaul herself would say, "Can I get an amen?"