New product launch? Michelle Phan launches new makeup video after long hiatus

EM Cosmetics is launching something new.

After a long hiatus, famed beauty vlogger Michelle Phan released a video that has fans excited.

On YouTube, she launched a video simply titled "Hello" with a description the reads, "I missed you."

The video is roughly 3 minutes long and begins with a cameo from Phan's cat.

Throughout the video, it becomes clear that she is showing a behind-the-scenes look at a video shoot for a new EM Cosmetics "Morning Dew Crystal Lip Gloss."

We also notice models rearing vibrant red lipsticks and peach-toned eyeshadows.

At the end of the clip, a caption is shown saying "It took a village to make that" and thanking others such as makeup artist Vlady Haggerty.

This has been the first beauty-related video Phan has released on her YouTube channel in over three years.

After Phan also posted on Twitter that she released a new video, fans immediately responded with loads of enthusiastic comments.

AbagayilHatt wrote "I flipped out when I saw the YouTube notification!! Loved how real and organic the video was!!"

Another chimed in saying, "And the fact that you start your video with your kitty cat! I'm so happy!"

A video of the lip gloss was also released on the brand's Instagram describing it as "A crystal- clear gloss that gives you high shine without the sticky texture."

There isn't a confirmed date on the release, but it has been stated that it will be coming soon.

The new launches will be a part of Phan's beloved makeup brand, EM Cosmetics, that originally launched in 2013 with L'Oréal.

EM Cosmetics later relaunched in 2017 following a two-year social media detox.