Bathing Suits to Flatter Your Body Type

Get ready for a day at the beach, in style.

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March 22, 2007 — -- With temperatures rising, swimsuit season is just around the corner, and since your body may not be totally beach-ready, Nicole Beland from Women's Health magazine has tips to find the perfect summer suit for your body type.

Avoid swimsuits in solid colors with no padding. Instead, try a patterned suit with a push-up bra. If you're small on top, you can get away with a strapless top and detail on the bottom that accentuates your hips.

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If you're thicker in the middle, try a "miracle suit," which has a corset-type spandex band to pull in your middle. The dual layer of spandex in the middle of the suit gives its wearers an hourglass figure. While it's not as comfortable as letting everything hang out, it makes you look slimmer. Make sure you get the right size.

Featured on air: Christina. Black one piece with diagonal design. $84.

Hide your imperfections with a skirt bottom. It will even out the sides of your hips and cover up any fat bulges under your bottom and at the top of the thigh. But it's very trendy so it looks in style, not like you're trying to hide something. Avoid suits that stop in the center of your hips and make them look even wider.

Featured on air: Athena. Red halter top with skirt bottom. $104. Macy's

Try a one-piece in bright solid colors with a built-in bra with separate cups. It also helps to wear a one-piece that minimizes the chest. You'll still have cleavage, but more support.

Featured on air: Christina. Aqua swimsuit. $84.

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