10 Tips to Take Camera Phone Pictures

Learn to shoot pictures like a pro with nothing more than a cell phone.

ByABC News via logo
May 14, 2007, 3:32 PM

May 17, 2007 — -- 1. Before you go out into the world with your cameraphone, play with it.Find the settings such as "sunny" or "cloudy" or "night" and learn how toswitch back and forth.

2. Learn how to store your pictures. You don't want to lose the chance tomake a picture because your memory is full.

3. Shoot a lot of pictures. Remember, you can because it's digital.

4. When the sun is high in the sky midday, try the black and white settingin your camera. Bright light can be unflattering.

5. Some cameraphones have great depth of field so everything is sharp inthe foreground and the background, but your cameraphone may not have thatcapability. Experiment so you understand its limitations.

6. When a scene is too dark, add some light by turning on a lamp or aheadlight, for example.

7. Get close when a scene is backlit. By doing this you will be able tocapture more detail in the foreground.

8. Anticipate shutter lag. Most cameraphones have a delay between the timeyou press the button and the time the camera takes the picture. Experimentto adjust how and when you take a picture to accommodate the lag.

9. Set your phone to the highest resolution image you can make when youplan to print a picture. The lower resolution option is best for the Web.

10. Consider buying a case for your cameraphone. Lenses can scratch easilywhen being pulled out of pockets and purses repeatedly.