This airport is the first to have coat check for travelers heading to warm destinations

It's pure genius.

February 14, 2020, 10:28 AM

The question here is not whether the new coat check at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is a good idea. The question is, How did it take this long to come up with it?

The airport debuted the program just in time for the busy spring break travel season.

Until now at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport and still at every other cold-weather airport in the country, travelers flying to warm destinations had two choices: Leave their coat behind and freeze going to and from the airport, or lug the coat onto the plane and to their destination where it would just take up closet space until the return trip home.

Here's how it works: Fliers will check their coats at Summerfest Marketplace store, which is located pre-security in the airport’s concession mall. They can claim them in the same place upon landing after their trip. The service is offered through a company called Paradies Lagardère.

“We believe we’re the only major airport in the nation to offer coat check services, and it’s a great fit during our harsh winters,” airport director Brian Dranzik said. “Heavy winter coats can take up a lot of space in luggage. This new option allows travelers to wear their coats to the airport, leave them with a friendly attendant in the Summerfest Marketplace, and then claim them after landing back here at MKE.”

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