Couple going home with just-adopted infant have sweetest flight

The kindness of strangers and napkins full of wisdom.

Bringing your new baby home is always a momentous event. For Dustin and Caren Moore, it was made even more so by a plane full of strangers.

It was Nov. 9, 2019, and the Moores were flying from Colorado to California with their 8-day-old, newly adopted daughter. After making small talk with one of the flight attendants when the baby needed a diaper change, the plane ride home became the sweetest the couple has ever experienced.

In a tweet that's now been liked and shared thousands of times, Dustin Moore detailed the kindness of not only the Southwest flight attendants but also the passengers.

"When Bobby [the flight attendant] made the announcement that we were flying home with our newly adopted daughter the whole plane just erupted in cheers and whistles," he told "Good Morning America."

The flight attendants then passed out napkins to the passengers to write down their well wishes for the new family, turning the flight into an impromptu baby shower. What the other passengers didn't know was the couple had been trying to start a family for nine long years.

"We were so stunned and overwhelmed," Moore said.

The napkins included advice such as "always say I love you," "remember, everything begins and ends with love" and "enjoy every minute, good and not so good, it goes by sooo very fast."

The Moores' daughter is now 14 weeks old, but her dad only recently went to Twitter to share the story of the heartwarming flight.

He told "Good Morning America" he did it because he'd had to deal with a particularly difficult situation at work but didn't want to contribute to the "dumpster fire" of negativity on Twitter.

"I wanted to do something uplifting," he told "GMA." So he shared the story of the flight home and how supportive his fellow passengers were.

"I want people to take away from this that there's a lot more good going on in the world than you might consider," Moore said. "Instead of looking for what's wrong, I hope people will start to look for all that is right."