Flight attendant's advice if you have this window seat issue

Plus, what the woman who filmed the viral moment would do in future flights.

March 1, 2024, 8:50 AM

As families get set to take off for spring break, a new video of a woman battling over a window shade on a plane has sparked a new question about comfort and courtesy for travelers.

The now viral video with more than 16 million views, posted by Umaymah Almas, was shot on her cellphone as she opens her window shade only to have it shut immediately by the child seated in the row in front of her.

"I really enjoy looking at scenery from a plane," Almas told "Good Morning America" of her window seat selection, adding, "I also get a bit of claustrophobia when I can't see outside the plane."

She also explained that the child "had another window directly adjacent to him -- that's why I decided, 'no, I want to keep this window open.'"

In the video, the child's small arm reaches back to the window next to Almas, closes the shade only for her to instantly pull it back open at which point the child attempts to pull the shade again, when Almas holds onto the tab to keep it raised.

PHOTO: Stock photo of seats on an airplane.
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"If that were to happen again I'd react the exact same way," she told "GMA."

And this isn't the first time travelers have battled it out over basic considerations with seat assignments.

From viral posts about switching seats to where one's legroom starts and stops, social media has been filled with airplane passenger frustrations.

"Everybody thinks that they've got some sort of claim on that window, and it's understandable when you're purchasing that window seat," Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, told "GMA."

"Most people actually want to be considerate of people around them," she added, which is why Nelson believes "giving people a chance to respond in a positive way is really the best approach."

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