Here's how to snag a NYC hotel suite for $20 a night

Jump start your New Year's resolutions at the same time.

January 8, 2020, 4:05 PM is offering 20 hotel suites for $20.20. Pictured is the "Be Adventurous" suite. is offering 20 hotel suites for $20.20. Pictured is the "Be Adventurous" suite.

If your New Year's resolutions include more travel and spending less money, get ready to book a hotel suite in New York City for just $20.20.

Yes, notoriously expensive NYC hotel rooms will be on sale -- at least for a period of time. On Jan. 13, will open reservations for 20 hotel suites tailored to 20 common New Year's resolutions -- all for the price of $20.20 per night.

PHOTO: is offering 20 hotel suites for $20.20. Pictured is the "Be More Stylish" suite. is offering 20 hotel suites for $20.20. Pictured is the "Be More Stylish" suite.

At noon ET, customers will be able to book two-night stays beginning Jan. 17. The resolution suites range from one-bedroom to two-bedroom apartments, with full modern kitchens, bathrooms with luxury amenities and custom programming.

Located at 25 Broad Street in downtown Manhattan at the Broad Exchange Building, the 20 resolution suites for 2020 range from Finding Your Funny to becoming Financially Savvy.

Here's the complete list:

● Be More Active: a space that motivates and empowers to hit those athletic aspirations

● Spend Quality Time With Your Pet: the ultimate haven and adventure for your furry friend

● Read More: a bookworm’s paradise connecting readers with literary legends

● Become Financially Savvy: an educational yet fun boot camp for finding your financial mojo

● Be Adventurous: step-up the explorer inside you through thrilling new challenges

● Recommit To Romance: a blissful escape to reconnect and rekindle with your partner

● Make Time To Unplug: a sojourn to solitude: relax, unwind, and disconnect

● Be More Stylish: the sartorial spot for the stylish (or not so stylish) set

● Prioritize Family Time: getting together has never been this easy

● Learn To Dance: shall we dance? The answer to cutting a rug or taking a turn around the dance floor

● Study Another Culture: think global while staying local

● Learn To Code: build that bridge to the future by flexing tech skills

● Turn Your Passion Into A Business: monetize that favorite pastime of yours

● Practice Self-Care: reinvigorate your inner-self in a wellness setting that’ll make you go ‘spa’-aaah

● Meet New People: up your extrovert game by learning how to mix and mingle

● Be The Best Host: channel the entertainer in you with tips and tricks

● Find Your Funny: laughter is always the best medicine and this spot has got the formula

● Volunteer: learn the art of giving back and making meaningful connections

● Snap The Best Shot: from family photos to beach sunsets, amp up photography skills

● Cook Up A Storm: create culinary magic by learning this tasty craft

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