'Once in a Lifetime Adventure' Series

ByABC News via logo
February 22, 2005, 6:56 AM

Feb. 25, 2005 -- -- Everyone has their own idea of a "Once in a Lifetime Adventure" and "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts, Tony Perkins, Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer are giving America an inside look at their own fantasies this week as part of the show's "Once in a Lifetime Adventure" series.

Day Four: Diane Sawyer

Sawyer brought a guest along to share her adventure. But Beth Yeisley, of Gulfport, Miss., was in for a surprise.

Sawyer's fantasy was to swim with sharks, so a blindfolded Yeisley was brought to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium to meet her. When the "adventure" was revealed to Yeisley -- who would help care for the aquarium's animals while Sawyer was in the tank -- the retired elementary school teacher asked, "Can we shop instead?"

Outfitted in a scuba suit, Sawyer and a trainer climbed into the aquarium's tank where the water is kept at 78 degrees with the levels of oxygen, salinity and minerals monitored so the animals think they're still in the Caribbean.

She saw several animals up close -- including an injured sea turtle and a 6-foot green moray eel -- before descending 20 feet to the lower part of the tank where the sharks swim.

Sawyer was told to be quiet and patient and, finally, it paid off. The sharks began to appear -- the black tips and the white tips. The aquarium also houses sandbar sharks, Japanese Wobbegong sharks and zebra sharks.

They swam around Sawyer in what she called an "endless, silent ballet of life beneath the sea."

After 40 minutes underwater that "passed like a second" for Sawyer, she emerged from what she called the "parallel universe of elegance, wit, mystery and danger." Yeisley, her adventure partner, was waiting for her at the top of the ladder.

Back in the studio, Sawyer announced that Yeisley was planning to visit New York soon and she promised they would go shopping.

Day Three: Charlie Gibson

Gibson's fantasy adventure began on the baseball field.

"I've actually had the same fantasy for 50 years to play baseball. There is nothing more beautiful to me than this -- the expanse of green, the infield, the stands. My dad loved to take me to games and I love still to go to games," Gibson said.

As part of his adventure, Gibson trained with the Washington Nationals, Gibson's hometown team, at their Florida training camp.

Gibson trained with the other ball players and definitely held his own when it came to batting practice. At the end of the day, Gibson says he was thrilled to have lived out his fantasy, even though the physical challenges were sobering.

"I mean, I know there is no way I could ever play with these guys -- but that's the fantasy. So I'll try to keep that fantasy. The reality is many, many aching muscles and a healthy dose of humility," he said.

Find out more about the team at washington.nationals.mlb.com

Day Two: Tony Perkins

Perkins' adventure began at S.I.R studios in Hollywood, Calif.

"I was just one of 80 campers at this camp for adults looking for a rock 'n' roll fantasy. We were divided into bands and we called ours 'Rock in America,'" Perkins said.

Perkins' bandmates consisted of a banker, a cook and a video editor. But Perkins said they all had one very important thing in common -- their love for rock music.

Each band at the camp gets its own experienced counselor.

The camp bands must practice every day in preparation for the camp's battle of the bands, which takes place at the House of Blues on the sunset strip.

When Perkins' band had its turn at the stage, "Rock in America" rocked the house, but the band didn't take top prize. That went to the group dubbed "The Cone of Silence."