What Kind of Dog Are You?

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March 30, 2005 -- -- What kind of dog are you?

Ever wonder what kind of dog you'd be? A schnauzer or a shitzu? A bichon frise or a bulldog?

The anchors of "Good Morning America" wanted an answer to that very question, so they took the "What Dog Are You" test at www.gone2thedogs.com.

"Good Morning America" mistakenly referred to the wrong Web site when discussing the "What Dog Are You?" test during this morning's broadcast. The correct site is www.gone2thedogs.com, not www.goingtothedogs.com. "Good Morning America" regrets the error.

Here are the quiz results for Robin Roberts, Chris Cuomo, Diane Sawyer, and Tony Perkins.

Called the king of terriers this dog was first bred in the Valley of Aire in Yorkshire. Originally an expert hunter of otters, ducks and vermin it has also been trained to the gun and is a splendid guard. The Airedale has acted as a messenger and collector of money for the Red Cross as well as undertaking a multitude of tasks for the British and Russian armies.

The breed is dependable and alert as an alarm dog. Adapts easily to family needs and is good with children. It is an extremely loyal breed and happiest when with its master.

In its native Germany this breed is still referred to as the Metzgerhund (Butcher's Dog) because in the past it worked as a draught dog delivering meat. It has also been used as a hunter of wild boar and defender of cattle. Some people believe that this dog developed from the Roman war dogs nearly 1800 years ago. It is certainly prevalent in the areas of Switzerland and Germany known to have been Roman military camps. During the First World War this dog proved itself to be an able police dog and guard.

The rottweiler is a very large and courageous dog that makes an excellent companion and guard. Despite a terrible reputation, it is not easily roused to violence but it has a natural guarding instinct and really shouldn't be ignored if you are trying to rob its house.

A large robust herding dog with flock-guarding ability. Named after the city of Bergamo in Northern Italy, the Bergamasco is great with children and have been used as therapy dogs for disabled youths.

Strong, quiet, patient and brave, the Bergamasco is above all an intelligent and calm individual. A friend, never a follower, this dog obeys to demonstrate affection. Although not instinctively aggressive, the Bergamasco is an excellent watchdog because it is protective to family and wary of strangers. Patient, tolerant and attentive to children, it seeks their company and establishes a true friendship with them.

The Saluki and Sloughi have parallel histories and most likely date back to the same stem in the ancient Middle East and a painting dated 3600 B.C. shows such dogs. Esteemed by Arab sheiks and nomadic Bedouin, this breed was paired with hawks to hunt gazelles and other game. They were never sold but presented as gifts, which is how they reached Europe.

This elegant, if somewhat aloof breed is loyal, affectionate and trustworthy and despite limited interest in Europe is now a well sought-after animal. It still retains strong hunting instincts and so care should be taken when taking it to the countryside.

To take the quiz yourself, visit the Web site www.gone2thedogs.com and click on the "Game" button on the left to play.

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