GMA's 'Love Live' Makes Texas Couple's Two-Step Marriage Proposal Dream Come True

PHOTO: Logan Batlle and Leeta Britton celebrate their engagement on "Good Morning America," October, 12, 2011.PlayABC News
WATCH 'GMA''s Extreme Wedding Proposal Winner Revealed

You met the love of your life on the dance floor of a Texas country music hot spot billed as "The World's Largest Honky Tonk."

So when you're ready to propose marriage, how do you top a first-chance encounter like that?

That was the dilemma facing Logan Batlle when he applied to the call put out by "Good Morning America" for men who wanted to make their marriage proposal an unforgettable and live TV event.

Hundreds of submissions poured into the "GMA" website, but Batlle's entry stood out.

Battle, 25, had no idea, he wrote in his submission entry, of how his life would change when he walked into a Fort Worth,Texas, nightclub the night of Aug. 6, 2010, to see a concert and celebrate a friend's birthday.

For starters, he almost couldn't walk to, or inside, the nightclub.

"The day before I decided to go for a run barefoot because I read an article saying it was better for you," Batlle,an insurance agent in Colleyville, Texas, wrote. "Needless to say it wasn't, and the next day I could barely walk."

"My friends made me go anyways," he told "GMA." "And I thank the Lord every day because that is where I met Leeta."

Leeta would be Leeta Britton, the 25–year-old "one-of-a-kind, smart, compassionate, funny and gorgeous Louisiana girl" whom Batlle spotted on the dance floor at Billy Bob's and managed to seduce, despite a little lie.

"I told her I was a dirt bike rider and that I had a broken foot, thinking that was more impressive than running barefoot on the street," Batlle said of the pair's first encounter in which he had to explain away his aching feet after Britton asked him to dance.

"She was like, 'Oh, come on, your foot is not broken, you can walk,'" Batlle recalled. "In reality, I should have just told her the truth because she loves running in her toe shoes."

A love for country music, dancing the two-step and running in less-than-sneakers is not the only thing the couple, together since that August night, share in common.

"We work together in everything," Batlle told "GMA." "We have a deal where she cooks us dinner, and I do the dishes after. She has made me a more patient person, and I've helped her to not procrastinate as much."

Batlle and Britton, a school teacher in Colleyville, also both knew from the start that their relationship was something special.

"Our first date we went to her favorite sushi place and I was nervous because I had never eaten sushi before," he said. "We went and it was the best first date ever. We both talk about that date still."

For Batlle, it was just two nights later, on a walk during the couple's second date, that he knew the girl from Billy Bob's was the one.

"At the same time we came back together reaching for each other's hands," he recalled, of the moment after the couple was separated by a tree in their first moments ever holding hands. "We smiled and I gave her a kiss. At that moment, I knew I wanted to marry Leeta."

For a bride-to-be that special, Batlle decided no ordinary proposal would do.

"There is nothing I wouldn't do or give up to make Leeta's dreams come true," he wrote to "GMA." "Leeta deserves the best and most unforgettable proposal, and I hope me and "GMA" can give that to her."

'GMA' Brings Dream Marriage Proposal to Live TV

"Good Morning America" came in and helped bring Batlle's dream proposal to life - real-life, on live TV - on Oct. 12, 2011.

Staying true to the couple's Texas roots, the surprise proposal took place at Colleyville's Heritage Middle School, where Britton teaches U.S. history.

But, up until the last minute, how Britton would react to Batlle's bigger-than-life proposal remained a mystery.

"I'm taking a risk because a couple months ago I asked her what would be the best way she wants to be proposed to, and she said, 'I want it to be a real intimate setting, just you and me, nobody else around,'" he said.

"And now I'm proposing on 'Good Morning America,' so we'll see what she says."

Batlle, it turns out, had nothing to worry about.

"GMA" got Britton, a soccer coach at the middle school where she teaches, in front of the lights and cameras of live, morning television by telling her she was being interviewed by "GMA's" Robin Roberts for a segment on girls' sports in schools.

Just as the interview began, Roberts told her to, instead, turn around and look behind her, where members of the school's soccer team were standing on the gym's bleachers, holding signs that read, 'Will You Marry Me.'"

At just that moment, Batlle appeared with the ring, got down on one knee, and the rest is history.

Fighting back tears and gasps of shock and joy, Britton said yes.

"I had no idea," she said, as the couple's family members joined the celebration. "We're going to November in Mexico and I thought it'd be then."

Britton's first words after Batlle popped the question, however, best sum up a couple who met at a honky tonk bar, knew from the beginning their relationship would last and obviously have a very happy, and fun, future in store.

"You are so crazy," she told her groom-to-be.