Bride's Guide: Q&A for the Big Day

Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss answers reader questions.

May 5, 2010— -- Note to all the "working brides" out there: 10 days before your wedding you might be too busy to do anything that doesn't involve actually getting through your day and to-do list at your job.

I'm finding myself in that situation today.

Luckily, readers have sent in dozens of questions for celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. I'll be back tomorrow with some questions of my own.

Mindy Weiss Answers Your Questions

Viewer Question: My son is getting married in July and I was wondering what I do before the wedding? What color should my dress be and what length? My husband is deceased -- would it be alright to bring a male companion?

Mindy's Answer: "If you are hosting a rehearsal dinner this is a good time to be planning it. Check in with the bride to see if she needs any help."

In terms of the dress choice, Mindy says, "You may ask her what color she would like you to wear. If she doesn't specify, then champagne, platinum or black always works. Never wear white or cream unless it is an all-white wedding.

On the male companion question, she said, "Ask your son how he feels about you bringing a male companion. If you have been dating him for awhile and he has met the kids then there may be a comfort level, but your son may be missing his dad at his wedding and it might be too emotional."

Viewer Question: Where do I find a wedding dress made for women over 50 years of age? Is there such a place that carries dresses that are not strapless and have sleeves?

Mindy's Answer: "You would be surprised how many bridal shops will adapt an existing dress and add sleves or straps to match your needs! Also white and cream gowns can always be found at Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales or other department stores. Check online before you venture out. Also, don't be afraid to buy wedding magazines. There are several bridal dress designers that design for a more sophisticated bride.

Viewer Question: I need help getting my future husband down the aisle; we have been engaged more than long enough, about five years now, but we have been together almost seven. How do I prove to him that waiting on money will never get either one of us down the aisle any sooner? We are not getting any help from either side of the family, so please help!

Mindy's Answer: "This situation may not be about money. Maybe going to see a marriage counselor will help your fiance deal with what I think may be fear. You're not getting any younger -- offer to elope and see what his reaction is. Sometimes love is not enough."

Viewer Question: I'm having a church wedding and a reception at a different church three blocks away, as the social hall is perfect for the reception. But both churches have worship following my ceremony. What can I suggest to guests to do between the awkward time of our ceremony completion and the dinner and dance reception?

Mindy's Answer: "This comes up quite often. If they do not live in the area, research some lovely hotels where they may be able to sit and have a lemonade or drink. If there is more than 2.5 hours you can suggest a light bite or fun site to see that is close by. As the guests leave the church have nicely printed cards to pass out that list some destinations to venture between the ceremony and reception...and thank your guests for sharing this moment and tell them how excited you are to see them at the reception."

Viewer Question: Is it appropriate to include candles as part of the decor at an outdoor, daytime wedding reception?

Mindy's Answer: "I don't mind it. If YOU love candles then it will make you happy to see them any time of day.

Viewer Question: Any suggestions on what to do when you father is not well enough to walk you down the aisle? Who would be a good person to fill the shoes until you meet up with your father at the end of the aisle?

Mindy's Answer:

1. Your mother

2. A brother

3. A grandfather

4. It is ok to walk alone, especially because you know you will meet up with him at the end.

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