Bride's Guide: Q&A for the Big Day

The 30-Day wedding countdown is now at the halfway mark, which means I'm getting married in 15 days.

Which means it's time to start seriously freaking out.

I'd like to offer my apologies in advance to my husband-to-be, family, friends and colleagues if I behave strangely during the next two weeks.

My very wise mother has advised me to concentrate on rest and relaxation, but there are a few final things to cross of the Wedding To-Do list before The Big Day. One of them is to practice for the first dance.

I'm not a great dancer and I don't particularly like being the center of attention, so I'm pretty nervous about it.

We decided not to take a class, which likely would have only served to make me more nervous, so I asked celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss for her advice.

She recommends having the first dance at the start of the reception, right after the newlyweds are introduced.

"When the evening is still young, guests will give you their full attention," she writes in "The Wedding Book."

And her tips for the dance itself actually make it sound like fun.

Mindy's Tips for the First Dance

1. Smile the whole time during the dance.

2. Just hold onto each other and pretend no one is staring at you.

3. Practice a few times before.

Choosing Songs for Wedding Dances

We've already chosen the song we'll dance to, but Mindy also says she also believes in making your song choice personal to the bride and groom.

"The best first-dance songs couldn't belong to anyone else," she writes in "The Wedding Book." "Yours should be a song you love, one that has special meaning for you."

If you aren't sure about what song to choose, she has some recommendations for first dance songs and songs for the father-daughter and mother-son dances.

First Dance:

1. "Have I Told You Lately," Van Morrison

2. "One Love," U2

3. "Everything," Michael Buble

4. "I Will," Beatles

5. "Maybe I'm Amazed," Paul McCartney

6. "The Luckiest," Ben Folds

7. "True Companion," Marc Cohen

8. "All the Way," Frank Sinatra

9. "Better Together," Jack Johnson

Mother-Son Dance:

1. "What a Wonderful World," Louie Armstrong

2. "In My Life," Beatles

3. "Song for Mama," Boyz to Men

4. "I Hope You'll Dance," LeAnn Womack

5. "You Light Up My Life," Debby Boone

Father-Daughter Dance:

1. "Daughters," John Mayer

2. "Father and Daughter," Paul Simon

3. "Dance With my Father," Luther Vandross

4. "My Little Girl," Tim McGraw

5. "Isn't She Lovely," Stevie Wonder

6. "I Loved Her First," Heartland

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