Bride's Guide: Q&A for the Big Day

Planner's tips, from thanking your parents to remembering to eat lunch.

April 21, 2010— -- It's hard not to sweat the small stuff when you're planning a wedding, but I've gotten to the point where I've stopped worrying so much about some of the smaller details.

Just a few short months ago, I agonized over choosing the perfect font and paper for the invitations, and compulsively revised the language on the directions card.

This week I bought table cards on a whim on my way home from work, and I honestly don't really care whether they match anything else. People are just going to throw them out, right?

I think it's healthy to let go of some of the minor details, but wedding planner Mindy Weiss says there are some small details that make a big difference on your Big Day.

Mindy's Tips: Little Things That Make a Big Difference

1. You should walk around to the tables at the reception and try to say hello to the guests. When everyone is seated, it's important to take a bite of food and then greet your guests.

This is especially important because my fiance, Mark, and I aren't having a receiving line, which Weiss says is fine.

"It is exhausting and wipes out a lot of my couples," she says, "and standing in one place for an hour ruins your feet for the rest of the night."

2. Do not forget to thank your parents sometime during the reception.

3. If you know it is someone's birthday or special anniversary on the day of your wedding, it will make a big impact if you acknowledge that.

4. Try not to be separated from your new spouse during the evening. Nothing is worse than when a speech starts and either the bride or the groom is nowhere to be found.

5. It's always nice to write your groom a note before you walk down the aisle. Have one of your friends deliver it during the day.

6. Don't forget that you need to eat during the day, and feed your wedding party if they are hanging with you. Also, if the makeup artist and hair dresser are with you all day, it is nice to offer them lunch too. Nothing is worse than a cranky wedding party.

7. My favorite party favor is a donation in the guests' names to your favorite charity. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

8. If one of your parents has a favorite song, it is nice to dedicate that song to your mother or father during the evening.

Wedding Day Tips: Viewer Question of the Day:

Given all the new and inxpensive wedding photographers offering their services, should I hire a cheap photographer or should I hire a more expensive, more experienced photographer. How much should I spend to get a very competent wedding photographer and a good wedding album?

"Sometimes price has nothing to do with the talent of a photographer," Weiss said. "It is very important that you see the photographer's work and pictures of weddings they have shot."

She also says that if the photographer will allow it, you should call one of his or her previous clients, or find someone else who has used the photographer, for a referral.

In addition, Weiss says, it isn't all about skill when it comes to the photographer. Some of it is chemistry.

"Even if you are hiring the best, you may not like their personality," she said. "And I can guarantee that if you don't like them you will look awful in the pictures. A photographer is one of the most important hires of the wedding -- it is all you will have left for your memories. "

And the photo album might not be the best place to indulge your DIY dreams.

"It is difficult to quote prices, as it is a constantly fluctuating scale, but I recommend that you buy a book with your package," Weiss says. "Too often, I see brides and grooms say, "Oh, we will make our own book" and it never happens."

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