Mom of 5 joyfully rings bell after learning she's cancer-free

Lakesha Ball jumped up and down with serious excitement.

A mother who was overcome with joy excitedly rang a bell to celebrate the end of her cancer treatment.

Lakesha Ball, of Baltimore, jumped up and down as she rang "Hope Bell" -- signifying she was cancer-free -- at the Maryland Proton Treatment Center.

"No more stressing, no more sleepless nights worrying about my mama [in] pain," Ball's daughter M’Rhaiyah Mitchell told "Good Morning America." "I'm so happy to see her smile."

Mitchell recorded a video of her mother ringing the bell with serious enthusiasm on March 11. It garnered 21,000 likes.

"It's over ma. No more breast cancer," Mitchell wrote in the caption. "40 treatments, radiation everyday."

Mitchell also shared a photo of her and Ball embracing after Ball completed her final found of radiation.

"I'm so happy my mother is able to share her story so everyone else who is fighting cancer can understand to always have faith and never feel like you're alone when you have God," Mitchell told "GMA." "When my mom rung that bell I felt a different type of happy. I could not stop smiling and crying."