College student raises $220K for St. Jude Children's Hospital after pledge on Twitter goes viral

Washington State University student Danni Messina is committed to her goal.

— -- A college student whose tweet about her attempt to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital went viral is learning the power of social media.

“I drew a blank. I really had no idea what to expect,” Messina, 19, said on “Good Morning America” today of her initial shock at her tweet’s success. “At the time, I had 600 followers and I thought, ‘OK, well that’s basically impossible.’ And then I’m like, ‘OK, this is the time. This is the time to make a change.’”

Messina said she started a GoFundMe page to make her mission a “team effort.”

Kmart also took part in the fundraising, holding an official Danni Messina Day where customers had the option to donate money to St. Jude, a longstanding partner of theirs, at check out.

“They raised a little over $86,000 that day nationally,” Messina said. “All of that money is going to be donated to St. Jude in my name to help me out with this campaign to reach that goal of just around $220,000.”

“Thank you for your work with St. Jude’s, which I love,” he told her.