Culinary Crushes: Who Do You Want to Make You Dinner?

PHOTO: Seen here is Chef Mario Batali, left and Chef Marc Vetri.
The Chew; Kelly Campbell

Who do you want to make your dinner? This was question posed to some of the top chefs and food critics in the business. Some of their answers were obvious, some were curious, but all were appetizing. Click through to find out more.

Andrew Zimmern's Pick: Ferran Adria

Andrew Zimmern is an acclaimed chef, food writer and host of TV's Bizarre Foods. Zimmern has traveled the world trying some of the most exotic dishes out there, including squirrel brains and spleen. When asked what he would eat if he could have anyone in the world cook him a meal, he replied that he might "go with sharing another meal cooked by Ferran Adria in his kitchen, by his own hand. He made us a simple lunch once, for two, of rabbit escabeche and roasted potatoes."

Anthony Bourdain's Pick: Fergus Henderson

It's hard to believe that this tough critic has a favorite restaurant, let alone a favorite chef or meal. However, when Melanie Dunae asked Anthony Bourdain what he would want to eat for his last meal, his answer was simple: "roast bone marrow with parsley and caper salad, with a few toasted slices of baguette and some good sea salt" at the dining room of the St. John in London. Fergus Henderson, the chef at St. John would prepare the meal with help from Eric Ripert, Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsey.

Daniel Boulud's Pick: Alain Ducasse

Daniel Boulud is practically royalty in the food world with such established restaurants as Boulud Sud, Boucheron Bakery and the three-Michelin starred Daniel. In an interview with Melanie Dunea, he said that he would like nothing more than to have Alain Ducasse cook for him. This dream meal would take place in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles would be a "multicourse menu [that includes] a soup; a foie gras terrine; seafood such as lobster or langoustine; a fish course; perhaps some game bird such as squab, pheasant, or partridge; a beef or lamb dish; a cheese course; and to finish, at least two dessert courses, followed by chocolates and petits fours."

Carla Hall's Pick: Jamie Oliver

Carla's had a crush on Jamie Oliver for quite some time, but it's not just his boyish good looks that she enjoys - she also likes his food. Her perfect meal would be one "made from Jamie Oliver's garden with Matthew and Jamie Oliver's family because [she] likes his carefree easy food where the ingredients take center stage."

Michael Symon's Pick: Jonathan Waxman

Jonathan Waxman knows his way around a kitchen after years working with Michael's, Chez Panisse and his own restaurant, Barbuto. His "really simple and delicious food" is just what Michael Symon enjoys, plus they're great friends.

Mario Batali's Pick: Marc Vetri

Philadelphia-based chef Marc Vetri is a personal favorite of Mario and Michael's and was nominated for a James Beard Award this year. Mario said that Vetri's, Marc Vetri's restaurant, is "probably the best Italian restaurant on the East Coast," and that Marc is "a chef's chef." His simply gourmet dishes and ability to blend subtle flavors is a trademark of his cuisine.

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