Driving Safe: 5 Things to Reduce Your Chances of Breaking Down

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What 5 simple things can you do now to drastically reduce your chances of your car breaking down and being stranded roadside?

Online Answer: To decrease the chances of something going wrong with your car and leaving you stranded at the roadside having to call a car breakdown service, make sure your car is in good order. Do the following or get someone to do it for you:

1- Top up your washer bottle: This should contain the right amount of water and washer fluid to help keep your windscreen clean and clear. 2- Check your oil and water: Check that your water and oil levels are adequate in order to stop overheating and engine damage. 3- Check your lights: Ensure that your lights, plus hazard and brake lights all work properly. If not, replace any broken bulbs.

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Driving Safely: Reduce Chances of Breakdown

4- Get your car serviced regularly: A regularly serviced car is less likely to breakdown than one that isn't. Also ensure that it is road legal and has passed its MOT. 5- Check tire pressures: Correctly pressured tires will decrease tire wear and increase fuel economy.

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