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Tell us your story for the GMA series exploring health care and other issues.

  -- Need "Good Morning America" explores important consumer issues in an ongoing series called "GMA Gets Answers."

We're tackling some of the thorny issues facing so many Americans today -- the lack of affordable health insurance, the sometimes questionable practices within the insurance industry, and how to navigate the complicated Medicare maze, among others.

The "GMA Gets Answers" team has been able to help several people get insurance coverage and the medical help they needed.

We'll continue to look at the real stories of people across the country, and try to find answers by asking insurers, credit card companies, experts and government officials tough questions.

Hundreds of people have e-mailed us already, some with their stories about health care or credit nightmares and others with success stories about getting the system to work for them or proposed solutions to problems.

We want to continue to hear from you. E-mail us your story, and include your contact information. A "GMA" producer may contact you.


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