'The Hunger Games': Recipes From the Districts

PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss Everdeen in the film "The Hunger Games."
Murray Close

"The Hunger Games," a novel by Suzanne Collins, is a story set in Panem, a post-apocalyptic North America that is divided into districts. Told from the point of view of 16-year-old Katniss, The Hunger Games are an annual gladiator-like event where a boy and girl between the ages of 12 to 18 are selected to compete for their district. Only one person can survive in this battle, which is televised throughout Panem.

Each district specializes in a specific industry and lives poorly, with the exception of the Capitol, which controls Panem and whose rich inhabitants eat and live lavishly.

In celebration of "The Hunger Games'" move release, we've collected some our favorite foods mentioned in the book and divided them by district. From Mr.Mellark's red berry crumble to Katnis' favorite lamb dish, fans of the book can make these dishes before going to see the film.

District 4

PHOTO: The sea bass parcel from the Silver Spoon Cookbook is shown here.
Courtesy Silver Spoon Cookbook

District 4 is known as the fishing industry district in Panem. This fish, cooked in a parcel, is a rustic and simple dish that District 4 inhabitants might enjoy.

District 11

PHOTO: The Chew''s seven grain bread recipe is shown here.
The Chew

District 11 is known for its fields of grain and, though malnourished, its inhabitants live off of the grain for survival. This seven-grain bread recipe gives nod to District 11 and is the perfect complement to the book. If you're gluten intolerant, try Daphne Oz's quinoa recipe below.

District 12

PHOTO: Scones
Irish America

Located in the Appalachian mountains, District 12 specializes in coal mining and is one of the poorest districts. Drop biscuits are one of the foods that Katniss is described as eating. Instead of biscuits, try these drop scones which have a similar texture.

District 12

PHOTO: Matt Goulding's Mini Pesto Goat Cheese Pizzas are shown here.
ABC News; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

At Mr.Mellark's bakery, goat cheese and apple tarts are a popular choice for customers and the Mellark family only eats them after they gone bad. These mini pesto goat cheese pizzas are a much easier alternative to the tarts made my Mr.Mellark.

District 12

PHOTO: Rhubarb Strawberry Crisp is shown.
ABC News; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

Mr. Mellark's bakery is also famous for its red berry crumble. This rhubarb strawberry crisp is a recipe we thing that the famed baker would approve.

District 12

PHOTO: Cesare Casella's Tuscan chicken soup is shown here.
Courtesy Cesare Casella

While you might not want a hot bowl of Greasy Sae's soup, a soup made of wild dog and mice eaten by District 12 inhabitants, you're bound to enjoy this classic Tuscan chicken soup. The soup, flavored with herbs like rosemary, is garnished with crusty bread and fresh parmesan cheese.


PHOTO: Stephanie O'Dea's leg of lamb with prunes is shown here.
Courtsey Stephanie ODea

Lamb with dried plums, Katniss' favorite food, appears often in the book. The Capitol is the only place in Panem that offers its people a variety of food. This recipe by Stephanie O'Dea is like a page out of the novel, feel free to make this ahead of time to enjoy after the movie.


PHOTO: Biscuit cake is shown.

Buttery chocolate cakes are another popular food for those who live in the Capitol. This decadent chocolate cake is the perfect replacement, garnished with toasted nuts and orange zest.


PHOTO: Stephanie O'Dea prepares sweet and sour mango lettuce wraps for 'Good Morning America' recipes.
Stephanie ODea

Creamy orange chicken is another favorite food from the Capitol. Flavored with orange apricot jam, this sweet and sour chicken dish would likely be another Capitol favorite.

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