9 Packaging Ideas for Christmas Cookies

Show off your baking skills with these beautiful packaging options.

Dec. 18, 2012— -- intro: You've been baking your favorite cookie recipes for weeks. Now it's time to package them up and give them to everyone on your list. Here are some of the most festive and fun ways to show off your hard work.

quicklist:1 category: title: Gift Boxes url: text: Fill the Oriental Trading's snowman gift boxes with paper stuffing and place homemade cake pops or cookie pops on top. At $3.79 for a dozen, you'll find an excuse to give these to all of your friends and family. media: 15114606 related: 14713255~14671476~12459290

quicklist:2 category: title: Chinese Takeout Containers url: text: Give your friends wishes of good fortune with these small silver and white Chinese takeout containers from JAM Paper. The set of three sells for $5.95. Fill it with small homemade candies. media: 15114619 related: 15095177~7058921~6942070

quicklist:3 category: title: Glass Jars url: text: How could you resist these cute little glass jars from The Container Store? Fill them with cookies or tea bags for a perfect holiday gift. For $3.99 each, they make great gifts for teachers or neighbors. media: 15111984 related: 6986613~6990665~6991146

quicklist:4 category: title: Tag It url: text: These stickers from Personalization Mall are perfect for labeling your baked goods. A pack of 12 costs $2.50 media: 17894280 related:6991486~7017844~7019575

quicklist:5 category: title: Bakery Boxes url: text: This cute cookie box from The Container Store displays cookies in a bright and fun way. Three boxes cost $3.49. media: 15111918 related: 6938784~9217320~13202547

quicklist:6 category: title: Cute Bags url: text: These adorable snowman gift bags from Oriental Trading are great for storing candy or homemade cookies. At $11.99 for a dozen, they also make great goody bags for a kids Christmas party. media: 15114592 related:9654445~6942070~9654447

quicklist:7 category: title: Personalized Tins url: text: Personalized tins give your treats an old school vibe. This Family Character Tin is a fun way to include everyone in your family. Fill them with your favorite cookies. ($15.95 for six or more) media: 17894311 related:6942002~12354078~6864503

quicklist:8 category: title: Coffee Mugs url: text: These coffee mugs from Walmart.com can be personalized for anyone on your list. Fill them with cookies and instant coffee packets for the coffee lover on your list. This is the perfect gift for teachers or co-workers. media: 15122189 related:6938784~9217320~13202547

quicklist:9 category: title: Brown Bag It url: text: These kraft bag envelopes add a sweet, homemade touch to your gift. Write a special note directly on the bag. media: 17894323 related:17840790~17829734~17489895