Presidential Eats: 15 Recipes From Presidents, First Ladies and Nominees

Celebrate the election with these historic recipes.

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November 2, 2012, 3:41 PM

Nov. 2, 2012 -- intro: With Election Day almost upon us, whip up some of these recipes from presidents, nominees and first ladies past and present.

From JFK's New England chowder to a crab soup from Martha Washington, these foods are a delicious way to celebrate the elections. Whip up some of these historic recipes for yourself.

quicklist:1category: title: Dwight D. Eisenhower's Vegetable Soupurl: 13828294text: This simple soup recipe from President Eisenhower is the perfect cure for a chilly 15239079related:

quicklist:2category: title: John F. Kennedy's New England Fish Chowderurl: 13827447text: Fresh haddock and potatoes make this soup recipe from JFK a family favorite. Serve with oyster crackers for a salty 17617595related:

quicklist:3category: title: White House Apple Pie Recipeurl: 11064182text: White House pastry chef Bill Yosses created this apple pie recipe for the Obamas. Local honey and apples make this a great holiday 16861456related:

quicklist:4category: title: The Bidens' Pasta Capreseurl: 11471038text: Sunny Anderson helped to plan the menu for a special dinner with Joe and Jill Biden to honor wounded troops. The result was this delicious pasta with tomatoes and 17617799related:

quicklist:5category: title: Lady Bird Johnson's Pedernales River Chiliurl: 13828168text: Former first lady Lady Bird Johnson created this chili recipe. The hot dish has a spicy kick, with hot sauce and 17617652related:

quicklist:6category: title: Laura Bush's Hot Chocolateurl: 6872184text: Skip the packaged mix for a warm mug of hot chocolate from Laura Bush. A pinch of cinnamon and orange zest add extra 16662478related:

quicklist:7category: title: Martha Washington's Crab Soup Recipeurl: 6788877text: Martha Washington's recipe has long been a White House favorite. Made with fresh crab, sherry and cream, it will soon become a favorite in your house, 17617751related:

quicklist:8category: title: Laura Bush's Oatmeal-Chocolate Chunk Cookiesurl: 6873906text: Laura Bush submitted these chocolate chunk cookies for Family Circle's Presidential Cookie Bake-Off. The cookies are chock-full of cherries, chocolate and 17617831related:

quicklist:9category: title: White House Summer Chopped Salad url: 16447131text: Taken from Michelle Obama's book, "American Grown," this flavorful chopped salad is packed with farm-fresh 16449207related:

quicklist:10category: title: Chef Bill's Buttermilk Blueberry Bundt Cakeurl: 16432275text: White House pastry chef Bill Yosses created this cake recipe. Substitute your favorite seasonal fruits for the 16433398related:

quicklist:11category: title: Ann Romney's Welsh Skillet Cakesurl: 17424327text: A family favorite, these Welsh skillet cakes from Ann Romney are always a hit. Make sure to let the cookies rest after they're out of the oven. They are among the few cookies that taste better 17442034related:

quicklist:12category: title: Teresa Heinz Kerry's Pumpkin Spice Cookiesurl: 6874009text: John Kerry's wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, created these pumpkin spice cookies with walnuts and raisins for Family Circle's Presidential Bake-Off. Pumpkin spice, raisins and walnuts are the special ingredients in this 17617957related:

quicklist:13category: title: Sarah's Tex Chex Mixurl: 6823790text: Chef Cris Comerford created this delicious comfort food for George W. Bush and his family. Once you start snacking on this mix, you'll realize you should probably make 17617980related:

quicklist:14category: title: White House Rolled Sugar Cookiesurl: 7077390text: This classic rolled sugar cookie recipe is perfect for cookie swaps and bake sales. Make the dough ahead of time and freeze it for 15065823related:

quicklist:15category: title: Presidential Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwichurl: 6823636text: This peanut butter and honey sandwich was a lunchtime favorite of President George W. Bush. Chef Cris Comerford created the simple sandwich that the former president enjoyed 17618137related: