5 Simple, Healthy, Budget-Friendly Meals!

These recipes will help you feed your family healthy food for less.

Sept. 16, 2011 -- intro: Making tasty, healthy meals and sticking to the family budget often don't go hand and hand. Check out these easy recipes that won't sacrifice the nutrients your children need or bust your budget.

quicklist:1category: title: Michael Simon's Zucchini Crudourl: 14511098text: Buy vegetables that are in season, such as zucchini, to save money at the store.media: 14517806related:

quicklist:2category: title: Stephanie O'Dea's Chiliurl: 14525821text: A great way to make use of what you already have, this recipe allows you to use canned beans and spices you have in the pantry.media: 14525909related:

quicklist:3category: title: Sunny Anderson's Easy Grilled Honey-Dijon Chickenurl: 13955219text: A simple, straightforward recipe with flavors your kids will love.media: 13966392related:

quicklist:4category: title: Sam Kass' Seared Tilapia With Fried Rice and Broccoli and Carrotsurl: 13745167text: When you want to add fish to the menu, tilapia is an inexpensive choice. This recipe adds brown rice and carrots for a well-rounded meal.media: 14529230 related:

quicklist:5category: title: Ellie Krieger's Cinnamon Raisin Rice Puddingurl: 11973345text: Dessert can be healthy, too! This recipe uses low-fat milk to keep moms happy and kids enjoying their favorite part of dinner.media: 14529194 related: